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Institutional Disputes

Our expertise extends to resolving disputes within the sports sector, involving sports associations, clubs, event organizers, and facility owners. With a deep understanding of the sports industry's intricacies, we excel in navigating its structures and harmonizing the interests of diverse groups.

Athlete-Institution Disputes

Navigating the complex terrain of disputes between athletes and institutions is a specialty of ours. Be it with a sports club, an association, a sponsor, or national bodies like the Polish Olympic, Paralympic, or Non-Olympic Sports Committees, we adeptly find solutions that speak to all parties involved.

Financial Disputes

In the realm of financial disagreements, our success is unmatched. We handle a broad spectrum of financial disputes, including but not limited to, issues related to athletes' salaries, transfer fees, management commissions, sponsorship funds, image rights, and the acquisition of financial resources for sport development.
Why Opt for the Services of the

Sports Mediation

Efficient Time Management
We address your case with immediacy. Without any backlog, we dive into action straightaway, ensuring a swift and direct approach. Typically, just 1 to 3 sessions are needed to resolve a dispute, minimizing delays and waiting periods.
Maintaining Relationships
Our process fosters communication and understanding, as there are no winners or losers, nor any formal verdicts. This approach maintains relationships, with 95% of parties staying in touch post-mediation, cherishing the shared experiences and memories.
Cost-Effective Solutions
Mediation offers a more economical alternative to court proceedings. Unlike the multi-tiered cost structure of the legal system, our mediation process is straightforward and cost-effective, eliminating the need for expensive legal representation.
Circumventing Legal Complexities
Sports mediation often serves as a precursor to or an alternative for court disputes. It provides a simpler, less stressful solution than traditional legal proceedings, whether initiated before or during a legal case.
Guaranteed Confidentiality
Our mediation sessions are private and confidential, shielding you from unwanted public exposure. The agreements made are discreet, ensuring a quiet resolution free from the glare of media scrutiny.
Comfortable and Informal Setting
Contrast the formal, restrictive nature of courtrooms with our mediation environment. Our sessions are held in relaxed settings, around a table with refreshments, devoid of the need for formal legal representation or extensive paperwork. For added convenience, online mediation options are available, allowing you to engage in the process from the comfort of your home. This relaxed atmosphere is a hallmark of the Sports Mediation Center's approach.

Our Track Record

The Sports Mediation Center, while a comparatively new entity, has swiftly established a reputation for effectively handling a wide array of complex cases. Discover our approach to success!

Your Trustworthy

In the world of sports disputes, sports mediation stands as the unparalleled solution. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we’ve crafted the elite SPORTS MEDIATION CENTER, tailored specifically for you.

Our foundation is driven by a mission to settle every conflict outside the conventional courtroom or arbitration system. In our approach, there are no judgments, no winners or losers – everyone achieves a victory!

Extensive Experience

Unwavering Impartiality

Proven Effectiveness

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in a Sports Dispute?


in a Sports Dispute?

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Contact detailsDauerman Sports Mediation Center Foundation
ul. Powstańców Śląskich 9
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