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At the heart of the Sports Mediation Center's mission is to offer unparalleled assistance to the sports community, addressing conflicts arising from both professional and amateur sports engagements through the effective application of mediation principles.

Crafting Optimal


Our approach to sports mediation is crucial in scenarios where long-term collaboration and future partnerships between parties are key. The advantages of choosing mediation include:

  • Swift Resolution: Mediation proceedings are notably quicker than traditional court cases.
  • Economical: It is a cost-effective alternative to legal battles.
  • Relationship Preservation: Focused on dialogue, mediation fosters mutual understanding and helps preserve valuable relationships.
  • Autonomy in Decision-Making: Unlike court judgments, mediation allows parties to craft their own mutually agreeable solutions.
  • Win-Win Outcomes: Mediation empowers parties to devise solutions that are satisfactory for all, avoiding externally imposed decisions.

Our Center spearheads mediation in a broad spectrum of sports-related disputes, excluding disciplinary and doping cases. We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier mediation services, led by mediators with deep expertise in sports law and an understanding of the nuances in sports disputes.

FOUNDERTomasz Dauerman

A visionary in sports law, Tomasz Dauerman is the driving force behind the Sports Mediation Center. His credentials include:
  • Over 20 years of experience as a legal advisor.
  • Founder of DAUERMAN, a law firm specializing in sports and business law.
  • Pioneer of sports law in Poland.
  • Founder of prawosportowe.pl.
  • Honorary President of the Polish Committee for Non-Olympic Sports.
  • Chairman of the Sports and Tourism Commission at Business Centre Club.
  • Expert in the sports and tourism sector on the CROWDWAY.PL platform.
  • Official lobbyist in the Polish parliament for legislative processes related to sports law.
  • Academic lecturer and author of over 250 publications.
  • Co-creator of sports arbitration.
  • Advocate of sports mediation.


Grażyna Górska leads the Sports Mediation Center as its Director. Her expertise encompasses:
  • Court mediator listed at the District Courts in Wrocław, Opole, Świdnica, and Sieradz.
  • Founder and Vice-President of the Association of Civil Mediators www.mediatorzycywilni.pl.
  • Qualified mediator listed at the Regional Arbitration and Mediation Center in Opole www.cam.opole.pl.
  • Mediator at the Mediation Center of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Wrocław.
  • Mediator in sports, civil, business, and employment cases, conducting contractual mediations and court orders.
  • VCC mediation trainer, educator.
  • Academic lecturer at the WSB University in Wrocław.
  • Collaborator with Chambers of Commerce, a lawyer with extensive experience in serving business entities, knowledgeable in legal regulations, business realities, drafting mediation settlements in all legal fields, and collaborating with professional representatives.
  • Mediator in family businesses, collaborating with the Family Business Center at WSB University in Wrocław.
  • Mediator in family, criminal, and juvenile criminal cases.
  • Permanent collaborator with the Western Chamber of Commerce – Employers and Entrepreneurs in Wrocław www.zig.pl.
  • Organizer of the national, annual Oława Mediation Conferences www.konferencjamediacyjna.pl, since 2011.
  • Speaker and panelist at numerous conferences, seminars, and workshops dedicated to mediation.
  • Participant in national and international conferences on Alternative Dispute Resolution methods.
  • Author of numerous articles and publications on mediation.

in a Sports Dispute?


in a Sports Dispute?

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Contact detailsDauerman Sports Mediation Center Foundation
ul. Powstańców Śląskich 9
53-332 Wrocław
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